Booya. (reprise)


Way to go Prattonias! Got this email today:

Dear 2009 I.D. Annual Design Review participant,

As you should already have heard, your work was selected for Design Distinction in I.D.’s July/August issue, the 55th Annual Design Review. Each item was given careful consideration by a jury of your peers, and to be chosen from thousands of entries from around the world indicates that your work meets an especially high standard of excellence in a competition that was tougher than ever this year. The issue officially comes out June 30th.

All the work featured in this year’s Annual Design Review is appearing in a special exhibition at Material ConneXion’s new Madison Avenue showroom in New York, which opens today and runs through August 21st. Additionally, you should already have received an invitation to the party that I.D. is throwing at Material ConneXion’s new Madison Avenue showroom in New York on July 9th to celebrate all the winners. We hope you can make it to the exhibition and the event.

Finally, please accept my apologies that this correspondence has not come sooner. As you may be aware, I.D. has experienced considerable change during the first half of 2009. So let me take this opportunity to introduce myself as I.D.’s new editor-in-chief, as well as William Bostwick, the magazine’s new senior editor. We hope to speak with you often in the months and years ahead.

Best wishes,

Jesse Ashlock

3 responses to “Booya. (reprise)

  1. HUZZAH!

    (I never get sick of saying that to you all!)

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