Thanks a lot stupid ugly dog.

World's Ugliest Dog
You know, I don’t have a super common name. So when someone shares a name with me, I take note. On that note ladies and gents, meet Miss Ellie. The winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog award! “According to her owner, Miss Ellie’s competitive strengths are “cataracts in her eyes, several moles and pimples, and limited hair.”- The Daily Beast

So yeah. Thanks a lot for being super ugly, Miss Ellie and giving our name a bad name. And alright, I guess you’re sorta cute.


9 responses to “Thanks a lot stupid ugly dog.

  1. RIP – Miss Ellie, 17, was a Chinese crested hairless rescued 10 years ago. Last year she won the title of World’s Ugliest Dog. Now she’ll be the ugliest dog in heaven. Rest in peace, bitch.

  2. seriously. i’m losing my mind.

  3. what??? kait, i think you need to lay off the cough syrup.

  4. SMelllIEee

  5. You totally brought this on yourself, Miss Ellie. NO SYMPATHY!!

  6. guys..there are only so many bad nicknames a person can have.

  7. but what about Smellie?!?!

  8. second that. also, can we have a vote to only call Ellie “Miss Ellie” from now on? just for kicks? hm?

  9. bahahahaha

    that gave me a good monday morning chuckle

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