Let’s Feel Good Together

Usually when I receive an email from my mother with “FWD:” in the subject line, I open it, read it, google it, and then reply with a link to a hoax article proving that (for example) the charity she thinks has agreed to save one puppy per person she forwards it to has agreed to no such thing.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with a mama like this.

But every once in a while something checks out. And I’m so happy this just did.


This little chimp is loving on these cubs who lost their mommy in a hurricane!


I was only going to post one photo, but it’s just so cute I can’t help myself. Here’s some more love:




awwwwwwwww so much love. i love you fwends! And you readers too!


7 responses to “Let’s Feel Good Together

  1. Ah I just playing y’all. Them animals is cute as hell!

    But for real though, Rondell got herself a case of Jungle Fever for that Johnny Depp! LOL!

  2. you’re KILLING it, RONDELL!

    *said as Shatner in Wrath of Khan, fists raised*

  4. Looks to me like them animals got a big case of Jungle Feaver! LOL

  5. i vote for more cute animals on blogfwends

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