It’s the future, alright.

How do we exist online? Type your name in and watch your virtual life flash before your eyes. Personas.

Picture 13I even exist in Spanish online!

Picture 15

How did “illegal” become a decent sized chunk of my internet persona?


5 responses to “It’s the future, alright.

  1. my last name is a curse.

    music, then ‘aggression’ (pepe’s love getting arrested…?), then fashion (thanks pepe jeans)

  2. yeah theres some Ellie Clayman running around scoring at lot of lacrosse goals somewhere, so i’m all lame-o sports.

  3. Sports. major frowny face.

  4. EXCELLENT find, Dilk!
    In my case, there’s another Katie Potochney who was some volleyball superstar in tons of college tournaments. Totes screwed up my chart.

  5. The best matthew j strong results are associated with the 2008 Prattonia crew. Thanks for being the wings beneath my wind!

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