What I did this weekend…

Since you’re all my fwends and I love you. I’m going to share with you the highlight of 3-day weekend at the Jersey Shore. Besides getting the usual amounts of sand in knickers, I attended a Beach Boys concert. The band itself was pretty awesome, and complete with 2.5 original members! But, I must say the highlight above all highlights was when John Stamos jumped on stage! I stormed that stage like a fat kid fighting for the last piece of cake. In the words of my sister, ‘He was like a Greek God.’ So please enjoy the photos we took from my sister’s phone (because shockingly enough me, the documenter, forgot my camera).
Oh and did I mention he sang Forever!!! (just in case you forgot).John Stamos with the Beach Boys

2 responses to “What I did this weekend…

  1. FOREVER!!!!! My favorite 90’s song by a cast member of a family sit-com. EVER.

  2. this is awesome.

    i love when 2.5 original beach boy members come and play at the jersey shore.

    reminds me of that time that bettena and i went to the summer blast off a few years back and they played. no john stamos though- you lucked out.


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