The. End.


Reading Rainbow is officially going off the air after 26 years. I have to admit that I had a massive crush in LeVar Burton, for Reading Rainbow and, *cough*star trek*cough*. Oof, excuse me. I even wrote him a love letter but was too shy and embarrassed to send it so I kept it in the bathroom drawer for about 5 years. Maybe it’ll turn up someday and LeVar will know my true feelings for him. Sigh.

Here’s the opening sequence to take us back:

And Flavorwire posted one of my favorite episodes: here. (Hang tight through the video for the Bee Rap.) Here’s to childhood!


2 responses to “The. End.

  1. butterfly in the sky!

  2. I never knew how to harvest honey until now. And Now, kids will never know again… it’s a travesty.

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