New addition to the Blogfwends family

Move over Robert Champion- you are so 2 years ago.

I would like to introduce you fwends to Gloria Estefan and Mary Todd Lincoln. Myself and my two roomies took in orphaned hamsters last night.

Gloria and Mary Todd entered into our lives after I received a forwarded email speaking of abandoned hamsters found on a Brooklyn doorstep with a note asking to find them a good home. And as I’m a sucker for cute animals (my name is attached to that category for a reason)- I decided to take them in.

Hamster Gloria has a chewed up ear which calls back to Ms. Estefan’s traumatic past. Hamster Mary Todd seems a little haggard with a few screws loose, like the schizophrenic first lady. They are the fattest and biggest hamsters I have ever seen, and the most loved.


Gloria and Mary Todd’s first photo shoot.


5 responses to “New addition to the Blogfwends family

  1. Gloria and Mary Todd, in an attempt to revitalize their relationship, sign up for skydiving lessons. Unfortunately, they are distracted by a Krispy Kreme donuts open an hour earlier than usual and end up not going.

  2. “Gloria and Mary Todd realize they RSVP for three holiday parties scheduled for the same time, hijinks ensue” etc.

  3. costume photos with short stories attached.

    “Gloria Estefan and Mary Todd Lincoln Go to Costco” etc.

  4. costumes.

  5. this is absolutely wonderful! keep the photoshoots coming, please. how about a weekly installment?

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