Pratt Film Collective fall schedule

filmSo the first week is coming up next week for my new film screening Pratt club. I’d love to have you guys come out and watch some week. They’re happening every Monday at 8:30.


October – Horror Month

Oct 12 – Cannibal Holocaust, Rugero Deodato, Italy, 1980. One of the
most violent films ever made – can you take it? Get your gore on with
Pratt Film Collective’s killer debut!

Oct 19 – Suspiria, Dario Argento, Italy, 1977.  Italian horror-master
Dario Argento’s finest film. A colony of witches, a canibal pooch,
killer colors, legendary lighting design, super surreal sets, and
trippy 70’s soundtrack by prog-rock legends Goblin.

Oct 26 –  Double Feature! Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Shinya Tsukamoto,
Japan, 1989, and Hausu (House), Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1977. Tetsuo is a
short, low budget film that’s truly like nothing else. After leaving
the scene of hit and run accident, a man begins to mutate into a
horrific metal monster in this visually stunning, disturbing film. Sex
between metal creatures never looked so, well, wierd. Hausu continues
this with a super-trippy, special effects laden dreamlike horror film
that will blow your mind! Killer lampshade – oh yes!

November – Asian Violence: Double Feature, and Cronenberg: Triple Play

November 2 – Oldboy, Park Chan-Wook, Korea, 2003. One of the most
acclaimed films of 2003, this film made Park-Chan Wook one of the most
famous filmmakers in Asia today. Come for the hammer fights, stay for
the incest! Combination of over-the-top cinematography and a
hyper-complex story-line, enough plot twists to keep Freud himself
guessing, and one of the nastiest uses for a pair of scissors in film
history, Oldboy keeps critics and fans happy time and again.

November 9 – Battle Royale, Kinji Fukusaku, Japan, 2001. Ultra-violent
Japanese film about a twisted game that sets kids against each other.
Highly controversial film, condemned by the Japanese parliament and
never shown in US theaters!

November 16 – Existenz, David Cronenberg, Canada, 1999. This
Cronenberg classic from 1999 is a perfect example of post-modern
filmmaking. Sometimes more video-game than film, Existenz takes the
notion of virtual reality, and hyper-sexual computer ports, to a new
level. Hook yourself in, long live the new flesh!

November 27 – The Brood, Cronenberg, 1979.  Classic Cronenberg. Killer
babies – what’s not to like? Great 70’s hairdos and killer
psychologists. And if killer babies ain’t enough to creep you, just
wait till you see their mother . .  .

Nov 30 -Naked Lunch, Cronenberg, 1991. Just plain wierd, this film is
based on William S. Burrough’s ‘cut-up’ technique novels. And yeah,
there’s an alien, and a talking type-writer anus. Don’t say we didn’t
warn you . . .

December: Relax and Chill for Finals . . .

Dec 7 – Dreams, Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1990. Sit back and relax for
this gentle dream ride into the mind of Akira Kurosawa, one of Japan’s
greatest filmmakers. Perfect to relieve end of semester stress.

Dec 14 – Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, Jun Fukudu, Japan, 1974. Ok, as
finals approach, you need to see something that’ll kick ass! Pratt
Film Collective does its best to provide . . .


4 responses to “Pratt Film Collective fall schedule

  1. fantastico!

  2. Collin, I’m super psyched about this… esp. Horror Month!

    Kait- bring a pillow no one will judge you… or lower your grade

  3. wait- which building? do we have to sit in those awful art history chairs? …those hurt after 20 minutes. did you get a better set up?

  4. oh, man. i’m stoked for some italian horror.

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