Cool it, world.

That’s it. I’ve had enough of the whole adorable mustache-design-blog-yuppie-ephemera-gimmick. Mustaches on girls! on babies! on mugs! on hats! gloves! At weddings! Not cute at all. It’s the new this.  End this pleeeeeaseaeaeaeaeaease.

Picture 79No.

Picture 81Barf.

Picture 77Dumb.

Picture 76This is the last thing anyone needs.

Picture 75Oh really?

Picture 72Stop. Now.

Picture 82We get it.


11 responses to “Cool it, world.

  1. for what it’s worth, mustachioed bandito – i’m into dudes with mustaches. (I, like Liz, am just not into chicks/babies/mugs with mustaches.

    Fwends 4EVA!

  2. I see what you’re saying, but to be honest, it’s just something i’ve never liked. has always rubbed me the wrong way! definitely not trying to be cool, just overwhelmed by mustached design blogs. I’ll try to hate less. And definitely more celebs eating shit. Wink!

  3. hating on a trend is the new trend? i love this blog, but this smacks of the worst hipster oneupmanship: labeling something uncool, thought of by others as cool, in an effort to appear more cool. come on fwends, spwead the love. less hatin’, more celebs eating shit!

  4. not to be gross, but every time i see a girl do that finger thing i think of the dirty sanchez. and then i throw up. the “silly yet adorable” little mustache trick literally makes my stomach turn. No thanks.

  5. same. this feels good.

  6. i NEVER understood the “ooh look i drew a mustache on my finger and HELD IT UP TO MY FACE BECAUSE ITS SILLY” mentality. Idiots.

    …thanks for letting me vent about this. I’m so glad we all agree.

  7. i dont know. every time i see one, my stomach turns. yuppies.

  8. honestly- for the last 5 months, i’ve been thinking i was left out of some big inside joke.

    what is with them? and why is everyone copying the same idea over and over?

  9. thank fucking god you gals agree.

  10. agreed times a bajillion. please make it stop.

  11. agreed.

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