David Weidman

Just yesterday I had the honor of visiting the home and studio of 1960’s screen printer and artist, David Weidman and his wife Dorothy, also an artist. I can’t say I was super informed on Weidman’s work prior to visiting, but oh-man is his work nuts. His colors are incredible, and the subject matter, ranging from illustrative castles, vegetables or kids, to more abstract shapes or animals are such a pleasure to look at. Weidman’s studio is also a sight to behold. It’s full of art, photos, ceramics by both his wife and himself, and the most windy series of rooms and decks that look out onto the LA Highland Park hills. The Whimsical Work of David Weidman and Also Some Serious Ones is out and for purchase here.

dw4the book

dw2dw1photoPart of Weidman’s studio (the print I got is in the little square frame by the door. the one to the left, not the right)

photo(3)Dorothy Weidman taking Garrett through her drawers of unfinished stuff

photo(2)A corner of Weidman ceramics


2 responses to “David Weidman

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  2. Great shots. I think David Weidman’s work is as fresh today as when he created it in the 1960’s. What a star ! http://tiny.cc/ey8fb

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