Ok, so, if you don’t know this about me yet, I knit. I love it and I do it a lot. The rhythm of it, the gratification of making something you can wear/use, the logic of the pattern, all of that helps to keep me on my rocker, since my job makes my brain explode on a daily basis.

In my search for simple, uniquely structured patterns that I’d actually want to wear, I’ve found it can be very hard to find knitting patterns that aren’t midwest mothers’ wetdreams. Or for trailer trash skanks that like to wear hand-knit bikini tops on a hot night out. The only benefit of sifting through all of these who-the-hell-would-wear-or-even-touch-that-sweater-scarf-combo patterns is that I’m able to share them with you Fwends for a few wtf giggles. [The last 4 are the juiciest—Ski Masks from 1965.] Commence:







4 responses to “Knidiots

  1. I’ll take one cat bikini, and two knitted viking helmets, pls.

  2. I’ve tried to hunt down the ski mask patterns but I think the magazine’s been lost by the original blogger…sad.

  3. I second that. give. give. Also, big ups to the cat bikini.

  4. chicken hat please!

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