Mad Men: The Finale

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Every Monday for the last couple months, I read Logan Hill’s Mad Men recap/review on the NYMag Vulture blog. Well, folks. It’s over. Last night was insane, and Hill’s recap this week is so dead on:

“Didn’t that just feel so good? How often does everything you dream will happen in a season finale actually transpire? This was the hardcore fan’s office fantasy. And it worked…The twist takes the show back to the basics that we love — and pushes everyone into the future.”

If you love this show, you’ve got to read his review of the finale, right here. The user comments are also usually just as good and insightful as the review itself.


4 responses to “Mad Men: The Finale

  1. i took out the spoiler!

  2. shame shame shame.

  3. ah! sorry!

  4. can we put spoilers after a jump from now on?
    some people don’t have cable and hafta wait until monday for itunes…

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