Wayne White

Pieces from the artist Wayne White’s book Maybe Now I’ll Get The Respect I So Richly Deserve, edited by Todd Oldham, published by Ammo Books. He takes cheaply mass produced lithogaphs which he finds in secondhand thrift stores and painstakingly writes phrases or words on them in a glossy 3-D style; many compare him to Ed Ruscha. [Oh and he won 2 Emmys as a set designer/puppeteer on Pee Wee’s Playhouse before he started this whole painting thing…And won a Billboard award for the art direction of Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” in 1986…And in 1996 he designed all the sets for the amazing Smashing Pumpkins video “Tonight, Tonight.” And… I wanna know him.]


Luv Hurtz

Hotties 24/7

Hotties 24/7


Beauty’s Embarrasin!


Drop the Cowboy Act


Donald Judd Was A Son of a Bitch Wrecked His Train in a Whorehouse Ditch


Human Fucking Knowledge




What’d I Tell Yah?


I Am Takin That Computer Away


One response to “Wayne White

  1. oh man i love these
    i wish he sold prints cause i would hang them all over the place

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