Eternal Helium Balloons

These “helium” balloons by french designer Clémentine Henrion make my heart hurt.

I designed the Helium Eternal concept in a reminiscence of the tender age: the childhood memory of this magnificent, brightly shining balloon you proudly bring back from the park, but which will alas tragically deflate within few days…

This early disappointment has influenced me to create a new interpretation of the children balloon: an ETERNAL one, which would fly forever and never go down again.

The balloons are actually made of stuffed fabric and hung from the ceiling but at around $200 a pop (ha! get it, pop, balloons…) they are too pricey for me to justify buying so I think I might spend the next few weeks trying to craft my own. If you’re not a tight wad like me you can buy your own at Clémentine’s Etsy shop.


2 responses to “Eternal Helium Balloons

  1. excellent! craftz nite

  2. i’m down for balloon pillow craft time.

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