Prada Marfa

Today’s contemporary art history lesson focuses in on rural Texas. Installation and environmental artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset created a permanent land art project in the desolate outskirts of Marfa, TX where there is absolutely no visible civilization in sight. From a distance, the artwork appears to be a minimalist building in the middle of nowhere, but as one gets closer they see a Prada boutique. The boutique itself is sealed shut and is a time capsule that will never open as a real store. Bonus: a street sign for Prada Marfa (part of the installation) appears in the very art-centric Van der Woodsen household in Gossip Girl. Want it!

Someday I will drive and see you, Prada Marfa! *shakes fist in the air*


8 responses to “Prada Marfa

  1. From Gossip Girl,but first of all from Marfa,directly in your living room.

  2. They are totally awesome, but they aren’t out every night.

  3. i totally want to join in this trip, collin you just sold me on those lights!

  4. We can do it as a detour to Austin if you fly into Dallas. Marfa is also home of the infamous “Marfa Lights.” Google that shit.

  5. road trip! ROAD TRIP!

  6. I really wish there was an arrow on that billboard and count me in too!

  7. road trip? pleeeez?!

  8. i want to come too!!!

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