A bearded “Poker Face” parody.

One day, I will stop posting nerdy stuff.

The lead “singer” is totally pulling a Froshcourt (freshmen year Courtney Nader) with all those watches on each arm.


4 responses to “A bearded “Poker Face” parody.

  1. i have been known to get my foot a’tappin to a gaga song. but other than that- she annoys me.

    my boss sent the video to me and kunks this morning. don’t know where she got it from…

  2. Gaga is awesome. Do NOT even try to tell me that “So Happy I Could Die” is not the jam. Who got this video? Someone sent it to me this morning, I sent it to Andrew. Must be making the rounds.

  3. I hate Lady Gaga with every fiber of my being. I hope she is impaled on one of her big dumb outfits. This video is funny.

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