8 responses to “Moms!!!!!!1!11one

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  2. Druid is a MUCH sweeter name. I wish I had such a device. It would have to be biodegradable and possibly made of wood. Oh yeah, and it would have powers. Like the power to turn into a bear or something. Or the power to construct massive stone structures to… pray.. on.. or something. Helps you tell time?

  3. also lol She called her droid a druid.

  4. oh man, lets start a mom text off. this is a great start. ill look for a good one tonight.

  5. What can I say…she loves Verizon.

  6. I would think Suzanne would have an iPhone…have you see her iMac back pack?

    I’m a little confused with her verizon choice.

  7. Momz.

    My mom’s texts are usually three words or less. A for effort!

  8. Oh, Suzanne.

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