JWOWW..she’s just like us!

GUYS. Did you know that JWOWW of the Jersey Shore fame is good at (besides eating ham and drinking water of course) graphic design? Yep! The lady with the bedazzled undies and two-toned hair brings in the big bucks with her graphic design career. JWOWW..she’s just like us!

Here she breaks it down:
Jenni’s main passion in life is Graphic Design. Among her many talents , art and Graphic Design stand out above all. Her company takes on leading competitors in the main stream of Graphic Art! Just look at this site!!!! 

Here is the site:


6 responses to “JWOWW..she’s just like us!

  1. plus look how many pictures of her are on it. Should we all do a photoshoot together and update our websites? I can rent the motorcycle if someone else can pick up a few cans of spray tan?

  2. photoshop skillz

  3. yeah when i saw this, i was sort of impressed. I mean it’s shitty, but it’s not SHITTY shitty!

  4. i’m actually offended.

    eh, not really.

    but still.

  5. all i can say is wow, just wow

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