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Zoolander 2 – TRUTH.

Word on the street is that Ben Stiller is going to be blessing us with a sequel to ZOOLANDER.

Are you all fans? Because ohhhh my, my, my, I’ve tried to see this movie TOO many times since it came upon my eyes, and it’s impossible. 

“Dude, why you been actin’ so messed up towards me?”


The safe word is “JESUS”

Actually, there are no words that describe the level of talent coming from popular Christian band, Final Placement.

I’ll refrain from making too many jokes here because if I later read somewhere that he’s deaf (which is entirely possible), I’ll feel really bad.

watch the vid, yo.

Antiques Web Show, Vol. 32

Hey guys. Here is my first psuedo-hip hop posting: DJ Shadow’s classic Endtroducing… It’s actually in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first album consisting entirely of samples. It’s really great and i hope you check it out.

I was also thinking, if you guys want to know what these records sound like before you download them you can always go to amazon and preview the songs.

1995 Elizabeth is loving life right now.

Has there even been a picture of these two together since MSCL days?! I kinda don’t think so! This photo is exactly how I’d imagine Angela and Jordan reuniting if they did a My So Called Life Reunion.

Last night in London at some awards show. Via Vulture.

Profile In Soulmate: Diane Keaton

Well, shit. I like Diane Keaton as an actress just as much (or maybe a little more…hello, First Wive’s Club!) as the next gal, but christ! She is way, way cooler than I thought. This month’s T Magazine Profile in Style follows Keaton, and this woman has some pretty impeccable taste.

Diane’s new obsession is: barns. Barns!

These are some of her pillows. I have been looking for pillows exactly like this! Di-ane!

She calls stuff like this “genius.” And she loves graphic quilts. Graphic quilts! I love graphic quilts!

This is the entryway into just one of her homes. Cool it, Keaton.

She likes dark wood, white walls, Roy McMakin architechture and she’s “mad for old type”.

Ugh, see for yourselves.

Oh, happy Tuesday, everybody!

(pricelessness begins around the 2 minute mark)

Behind the NYTimes Magazine redesign

This past summer, the New York Times Magazine got a beautiful redesign by Design Director Arem Duplessis and his staff. For me, I think I really noticed it’s beauty in issue on the First Marriage, as well as the Screens Issue (Megan Fox on the cover). If you’ve got time today, read through this wonderful and succinct Q & A with Duplessis. Some goodies:

These are the covers Arem feels were most successful thus far in the redesign.

New typefaces for the magazine: Lyon for body copy, Nyte for serif display, and Knockout for pretty much everything else.

It’s a great read to understand the strategy and limitations in the redesign, as well as to understand the before and after transformations of each of the sections. After focusing on more digital design lately, it’s nice to read a carefully crafted and explained article about Arem’s approach to upgrading an already fantastic piece of print.