Life is good.

Fwends, I write this from home, nursing a cup of coffee, feeling better than ever. Listen to this mix with me, wont you?

And a big cheers to Sara and Katie on their last day of work. Funemployment for all who want it!


5 responses to “Life is good.

  1. a-thank you.

  2. A solid mix all around.

  3. Anyone feel like taking a ride on an emotional roller coaster? Come on over to our office and ride with Katie and me! We’re feeling happy/excited/sad/nervous/ready/nostalgic/gitty/bummed/tired/hungry/dead/alive/energetic – WEEEEEEE!!!!

  4. come on! duh!

  5. I didn’t know you liked Wire. I was going to post Pink Flag, Chairs Missing or 154 tomorrow, but I wasn’t sure if anyone would dig it.

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