Choice Dumbo? Seating?…and I’m jealous.

We’ve all dreamt of the day when Clinton Hill’s Choice would have actual seating room and not be so damn packed with hungry Pratt kids, French speaking locals, and people willing to wait in line for 30 minutes for one cup of coffee (me). Dumbo’s Choice opens soon- and it looks pretty freakin’ huge (although, I gotta say- it lacks the usual charm of the two Choice Markets in my neighborhood). Whatever. Ellie, I’m officially jealous of you.

{via Brownstoner}


3 responses to “Choice Dumbo? Seating?…and I’m jealous.

  1. Charm = nonexistent
    Went yesterday, feels like the Cheese Cake Factory started selling expensive sandwiches and denies the invention of the potatoe chip.

  2. this is so fancy! not sure if i like it. but i’m not mad at it!


    ( haha this is a half a block from my work, clinton hill suckahs)

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