Behind the NYTimes Magazine redesign

This past summer, the New York Times Magazine got a beautiful redesign by Design Director Arem Duplessis and his staff. For me, I think I really noticed it’s beauty in issue on the First Marriage, as well as the Screens Issue (Megan Fox on the cover). If you’ve got time today, read through this wonderful and succinct Q & A with Duplessis. Some goodies:

These are the covers Arem feels were most successful thus far in the redesign.

New typefaces for the magazine: Lyon for body copy, Nyte for serif display, and Knockout for pretty much everything else.

It’s a great read to understand the strategy and limitations in the redesign, as well as to understand the before and after transformations of each of the sections. After focusing on more digital design lately, it’s nice to read a carefully crafted and explained article about Arem’s approach to upgrading an already fantastic piece of print.



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