Profile In Soulmate: Diane Keaton

Well, shit. I like Diane Keaton as an actress just as much (or maybe a little more…hello, First Wive’s Club!) as the next gal, but christ! She is way, way cooler than I thought. This month’s T Magazine Profile in Style follows Keaton, and this woman has some pretty impeccable taste.

Diane’s new obsession is: barns. Barns!

These are some of her pillows. I have been looking for pillows exactly like this! Di-ane!

She calls stuff like this “genius.” And she loves graphic quilts. Graphic quilts! I love graphic quilts!

This is the entryway into just one of her homes. Cool it, Keaton.

She likes dark wood, white walls, Roy McMakin architechture and she’s “mad for old type”.

Ugh, see for yourselves.


One response to “Profile In Soulmate: Diane Keaton

  1. amazing. who knew
    and yes the first wives club is classic.

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