Appropriately named, this new application allows you to text with people on a deletion timer. Meaning, you are aware of when your text has been deleted from the recipient’s phone, putting you in total control of the texts you send.

Is it sad that we live in a time where sneaky whorish systems like this are necessary? Yes.

But is it genius? Also yes.

And I love how their “examples” are the most ridiculous reasons anyone would ever use this app. The word “BJ” isn’t typed once. C’mon, Tiger Text, let’s be real here…

I’m sure your significant other won’t mind at all when he/she looks at your apps and sees that you clearly have something to hide. I’m sure he/she’ll say “you are entitled to your privacy. It is none of my business. Now go out and have a good time.” #yeahright

download it here, studs.


One response to “TIGER TEXT

  1. I can finally coordinate the banging of all those girls that look like sluttier versions of my wife without her finding out! Thanks, Tiger Text!

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