Happy 1 Year Anniversary – ‘REMEMBER?’ EDITION

Yeah. It’s a super long list. But I assure you: It’s. Also. Super. Awesome.

Remember this extraordinary – SINGLE – man?

And these mofos?

And when you guys got famous?

And when she fell asleep?

And mascara tears? (I actually called and tried to buy this. It was spensy.)…

Remember when Katie kept finding penises on compfight?

Or when Elizabeth’s mom got a Droid?

Or what about math? Remember this calculator?

How ’bout this here cowboy? Remember him?


And the bad kitty? (click here if you don’t)

Or when Katie gave Precious Moments Dolls a verbal beating?

How about when he lost it? And remember, they remixed it?

Remember this nerdy gem?

Or Cera and GTL?

And poor Marisa’s heartbreak?

Remember the best fashion show ever?

No? No, you don’t remember any of these gems? Fine. I’m OILJPAAGDFR.


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