Happy 1 Year Anniversary – VIDEO EDITION

It’s March! And looking back at our first year on blogfwends, I quickly realized there’s too much greatness in the archives. So I decided to give ‘videos’ their own post.

(My apologies to Aleks for all the ugly youtube video embeds.)

My push-up bra gonna help me get my mannn:

Sorry, Kid. But I have to pass this on:

Tiger Woods, 【蘋果動新聞】伍茲深夜撞車 老婆破窗救夫 疑點重重:

Girl reads fan fiction about Ashton Kutcher:

Hamster on a Piano:

One Man, One Dream, One Chance:

Walter told me:

How to Pimp Yo Crib:

Why Men Have Nipples:

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