Shiner in NYC

Just found out they have Shiner (and Lone Stars) at this place Rodeo Bar & Grill on 27th and 3rd. I’m going there after work on Friday and I want all of you to join me. They have real Texas BBQ and (supposedly) one of the best margaritas in the city. check it out.

I know it’s out of the way, but let me know if you want to come drink my favorite beer in the world with me. I’m going to call and make sure they’ll have it before we go so look for an update around noon today.


Vader Voice: “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!” They have stopped carrying it as of this year… my life is now in shambles… I’m in a place that only Shiner Bock can get me out of…

*UPDATE 2: I’ve decided to go anyway. No Shiner, but hell, they have Lone Star damnit and that’s pretty good too. They also have great BBQ and margs. so yeah… let’s go! expect an email about this.


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