Antiques Web Show, Vol. 43 (80s Scotland Edn.)

I’ve got a doozy today. I was recently reading this article on A.V. Club and it led me rediscover these 3 completely amazing albums I hadn’t listened to in quite a while. One of my all time favorite musical eras in a particular area. Simple Minds is best known for their work on the Breakfast Club Soundtrack with “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, but their musical catalog is incredibly impressive. Big Country Amped up the pop with a twinge of traditional Scottish folk stylings. Orange Juice (I know some of you are already familiar) are the Post-Punk godfathers in Scotland. An original take on New Yorks dance-y punk style.

I could go on and on, but probably not as well as Noel Murray did. So just read the article.

Simple Minds: Sons & Fascination

Big Country: The Crossing

Orange Juice: Rip It Up

(pssst.. let me know if you want to grab some Proclaimers from me…)


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