Antiques Web Show, Vol. 45 (Sayonara Edn.)

This tragic figure needs no introduction, but if you aren’t that familiar, you obviously don’t watch TV as his music is ravaged in every goddamn commercial from tampoons to shamwows.

And since we’re going out of town, let’s let our music transform our lives into a Volkswagon commercial. Hot Summer nights… sunroofs… maybe a party lit only by Christmas lights… an obligatory shot of the moon reflected in a body of water. Yeah.. something like that.

His all-time masterpiece, recorded just before his suicide, is Pink Moon. He culled the orchestrated pieces, stripped the music down to only a low-tuned guitar and whisper. Beautiful.

So yeah, enjoy. And I’ll see you at the top!

Five Leaves Left

Bryter Layter

Pink Moon


One response to “Antiques Web Show, Vol. 45 (Sayonara Edn.)

  1. awesome! i only had these on vinyl…until now!

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