They finally did it.

It’s not the big one we were promised. But it’s a start.

As previously mentioned, IndieScreen, a new movie theater at 285 Kent Avenue (at S 2nd Street) in Williamsburg (on the same block as Glasslands), is expected to open for business officially by the end of June. Before then, the theater will be hosting films for the Brooklyn International Film Festival which runs until June 13th. Check out the schedule at their site. Tonight, Monday June 7th, you can see THE “FLESH CHAPTER 1, ANGLE OF TRAJECTORY”, “DISPOSABLE”, and “HIGGS, INTO THE HEART OF IMAGINATION”. Trailers for all three of those below.

The theater will also be screening films as part of Northside Festival, happening June 24-27.

The 12-rows, 93-seat theater (which has a 17-feet by 8-feet screen) will be accompanied by a restaurant and a full bar, AND will be hosting live music. Their website is still under construction, but there’s more info about what they have there and how you can host an event there if you click around enough.

Via BrooklynVegan


One response to “They finally did it.

  1. could have been called something other than Indiescreen? seriously.

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