Antiques Web Show, Vol. 48

I have a treat for you today. This oft sampled, but little known Montenegran composer is best known for his 60s and 70s recordings in Paris.

Rhythmes Contemporains is an astounding batch of baroque funky jazz tracks played with such complexity that it sounds like David Axelrod overdrive. Filled with funky keyboards, wah wah’d guitars with complex rhythms that push way past your usual composed funk album. I don’t know how this guy escaped me for so long.

Soul Impressions definitely earns the “soul” in the title. He blends his usual mad mix of studio sounds with some heavier 70s elements — including a fair bit of fuzzy guitar, funky beats, and some nice horn fills. About half the tracks on the album are geared this way (a kind of across between blacksploitation soundtrack scoring and the tighter instrumental moods of work by The Duke of Burlington). The other half is more some groovy jazz numbers with a sultry kind of edge.



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