Antiques Web Show, Vol. 49

Here’s a more recent classic debut from The Olivia Tremor Control. If you’re not familiar, they were one of the original Elephant 6 projects out of Athens, Georgia. This album features the amazingly talented Jeff Magnum of Neutral Milk Hotel and is some of my favorite work of his. The album is sprawling in it’s genius and owes a lot to Sgt. Pepper’s, but it’s literally packed with gems. “Marking Time” and “Define a Transparent Dream” are standout tracks for me, but There’s plenty to enjoy.

The Olivia Tremor Control – Dusk At Cubist Castle


3 responses to “Antiques Web Show, Vol. 49

  1. Who playin’ a game of sharades? I want in cuz I got a killa impression of Sicily Tyson.

  2. Give up the charade.

  3. I got an old alarm clock circa 1495 that my great-great-great grandpa Roofuses passed down through the family. Y’all think you could take a look at it and let me know its worth?

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