Antiques Web Show, Vol. 52

Well, this is the 1 year anniversary of Antiques Web Show. Let me know what you’re favorite album I posted was. Thanks for downloading all this time.

These are some of the oft overlooked records in Tom Waits’ catalog. With all the later Swordfishtrobones, Rain Dogs and what have you, it gets hard to imagine that he used to just be a jazzy songwriter with a wonderful voice before it went all whisky-soaked zombie that he’s more known for today. Many of these songs were covered by other more well-known artists and he was known primarily as a songwriter instead of a performer. These are his first two records from the early 70s.

1973’s Closing Time

1974’s The Heart of Saturday Night


One response to “Antiques Web Show, Vol. 52

  1. happy birthday antiques webshow!

    Wild Honey has become an all time fave at basically every gathering we’ve all had in the past year, so my vote is with that one.

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