Antiques Web Show, Vol. 55

Introducing The House of Love. A “Best Band That Never Made It” whose emergence followed the exit of The Smiths from the London scene in mid-80s UK before The JAMC and other northern bands took over the scene. These two records are jewels of a sort of “in-between” time. They find themselves somewhere between Echo & The Bunnymen and a lost pop-psych revivalist band: moody, yet jangly with a touch of free love at times. Either way they were a band with immense talent who never got the timing right.

These two albums are the band’s self-titled 1988 debut and the, originally, Germany-only singles compilation (also self-titled, confusingly, but since referred to as The German Album), which together are a one-two punch of some gems of songwriting that constantly confuse me as to why they aren’t of the same notoriety as their colleagues of the time.

The House of Love – The House of Love

The House of Love – The German Album


4 responses to “Antiques Web Show, Vol. 55

  1. I was wondering about that one…

  2. Oh yeah, There’s a mislabelled Bruce Springsteen song at the end of the self-titled album. Thanks for the catch, L. Race.

  3. I’m not sure what happened or how to fix it.

  4. …what happened to our banner? this is making me sad.

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