Antiques Web Show, Vol. 60 (Rock N’ Roll Edn.)

For those not about to rock, you’re out of luck this week. These albums of two legendary power trios, both released in 1974, are what I imagine the two directions Hendrix’s legacy split into.

The first is Death’s …For All The World To See. Death, consisting of three brothers from Detroit, has been written about recently as their only proper album was released last year by Drag City after having their financing dropped by Columbia when they refused to change their name to something more marketable. Their entire story was written about in the NY Times article “Death Was Punk Before Punk Was Punk”. This album is more of a demo with seven powerhouses of what’s referred to as proto-punk, but to most ears it just sounds like heavier classic rock twisted into something different. From the opening track “Keep On Knockin'” it’ becomes completely clear what this band was all about.

The second is Robin Trower’s epic Bridge Of Sighs. Often called “The White Hendrix” in his day, he is a legendary English artist known mostly to classic rock circles for his amazing playing. The album itself is a feat of 70s rock with many stand-out tracks for being just eight songs long. I remember listening to “Day Of The Eagle” when I was a kid and wanting to play guitar. The riffs are so tight on this album and paired with Trower’s rough, yet almost sultry vocals it makes for some great rock n’ roll.


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