Don’t be Evil, Guy.

This dude David Barksdale, an ex Google engineer, was fired because he was snooping around people’s emails and chats and shit. Ya know, just reading. For fun.

Read the article, it gets a little pedophile-ish, right? I don’t know much about this guy other than he loves toxic waste and hates getting haircuts. But that’s fucked up.

Google is continuing to piss me off lately…

*via Gawker


3 responses to “Don’t be Evil, Guy.

  1. Practically no one at Google has access to your account. A small number of people (<100 unless the legal team got involved at some point) do, and even then you have to work at it. And this behavior is an instant firing offense, is highly frowned upon, and is very rare.

    Someone has to have access, though. This is going to be true of every company which hosts email. I would be shocked to learn Google claimed otherwise. Your email is as secure as Google can make it.

    (Full disclosure: I interned there for a decent while.)

  2. Exactly how many people at Google have access to my account? If it’s some sort of free-for-all… with company wide email chains of hilarious and pathetically personal love letters and such shooting around… that’s fine! But be honest.

    Don’t continue to promise me my information is secure.

    And how can you deny that this wasn’t a big fuckup on y’alls part? Don’t be evil, be honest. I promise we’ll all like you a lot longer.

  3. Hang on, how is this Google’s fault?

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