Antiques Web Show, Vol. 61

I’m not sure how familiar y’all are with these guys, but if you’re not, you should be. I’m posting this famously good compilation  because I couldn’t pick just a few of their records (also I didn’t want to overload again this week. If you want any of their other albums I have the their first 3 uploaded and I can send them to you.) This collection is great because it is a perfect introduction to their work. It’s got hits, great non-hits, unreleased singles and B-sides. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and plus, once you learn and sing these songs, we’ll be closer friends (Karaoke?).

It always makes me think back to the best day ever:

Echo & The Bunnymen – Songs To Learn And Sing


One response to “Antiques Web Show, Vol. 61

  1. We’re the same skin tone.

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