I went to school here.

And so did most of you…

FARMLAND! 1880! The site of Pratt Institute! Check out this and other old timey photos at Pratt’s flickr site (Ellie and I are doing it).


One response to “I went to school here.

  1. I just saw this tonight and wanted to say that my ancestors lived in shanties on the same pre-Pratt property in the 1870’s to 1880’s. They survived the sail from Ireland during the famine and came to Brooklyn in 1853. They lived in Schenck St (Emerson Pl and DeKalb) and moved about in the general area. The neighborhood was called Jackson Hollow and was a tangle of shanties, poor Irish, goats and sheep…and Irish gangs. As is always the way, as the neighborhood gentrified, the shanties came down.

    Very few people ever think about who went before them…walking the same streets, turning the same corners.

    I just wanted to fill in the blanks a bit even though the photo is powerful enough to stand alone.

    Nancy Sullivan

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