Meh. My life is still the same.

If anyone went to yesterday it was telling us they would post something today that would change our lives forever. Meh. I can’t wait to download this and not be able to share it with anyone. Get over yourself, Apple.


2 responses to “Meh. My life is still the same.

  1. Totes agree. I took a screenshot of the “check back in the morning!” and even went as far as finding out what TIME they would launch the announcement in my time zone. I spent the early morning wondering what it could be. Something amazing. Something about the layout perhaps? Or the way the music updates to my iPod? Maybe I can now sync to more than one computer? WHAT COULD IT BE?

    Oh. The Beatles. The band I already have more of in my iTunes than probably any other band. Seriously, who doesn’t have a shit ton of The Beatles in their iTunes already? Even my mom’s got it covered.

    Sorry, I know this is long. It just super annoyed me too.

  2. I know. Anyone crazy about the Beatles already has it on their ipods. Ya snooze, ya lose, Apple!

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