You Need to Eat a Sandwich.

I’m aware this is not a food blog but bear with me for a moment.

The sandwich shop next to the Ace Hotel is phenomenal. I know you’ve probably read this before because it’s all the rage on the blogs these days… but ladies and gents, I just ate it for the first time.


And No. 7 Sub is so good that I don’t care if it’s on the other blogs, we need to talk about it on this one too.

I ordered the Brussel Sprout Sandwich, I’ve been dying to try it ever since I read about it. But two bites into it I realized they mistakingly gave me the Eggplant Sandwich. I did not care. It was perfection. I will just have to go back and get that Brussel Sprout Sammy tomorrow.

Has anyone else tried this place? DAMN.


One response to “You Need to Eat a Sandwich.

  1. Hey fwends,

    I too am head over heals for this fancy but totally rad sandwich spot. It kills me that they close at 5pm. The other day one of my more difficult clients called me at 4:32pm as I was stepping into sub#7. Let me say this I wish I had lost my phone that day, because after I was off the call the cashier guy was counting out, the guys in the back cleaned the counters, stored everything away, and even shut the oven off.

    If they are serving these up try:
    – The general tso tofu is great
    – The bologna (i remember it had chilli flakes, grapfruit, asiago cheese, and maybe a sauce but don’t hold me to that)

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