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NASA is badass apparently.

At least that’s supposed to be the takeaway from this new ad:

Thanks to M. Fisher

*Edit: I’ve just been informed by Fisher that it’s not actually an official NASA ad, but it totally should be.


“Myah, see?!”

Check out these awesome mug shots from the 20s. via Awesome Robo.

MIB for Taco Bell!

The Many Faces of Oprah

I haven’t watched Oprah in several years, but with this site I was quickly reminded that it’s her last season and every episode is an emotional roller coaster ride for the audience members, guest and of course, Oprah.  Enjoy some of their reactions Faces of the Last Season of Oprah.

Confidential Lindsey Lohan Courtroom Footage


2 Days until the biggest meal of your life

If your like me and it still hasn’t hit you that Thanksgiving is this Thursday, well get ready cause it’s almost here.  Here are some hand turkeys, enjoy.

Got her toes done up with her finger nails matchin’

It’s FRIDAY folks!  So go out, get your nails did with yo toes done up too! I came across this blog, it’s fun, check it out now get ready to party.  Below are some of my faves.