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The Future of Fashion

This is a pretty remarkable fashion idea. It tracks what’s happening inside your body, and displays it for all to see. It even links up to your facebook and/or twitter so you can announce to the world when you are happy, sad, lying, or telling the truth.

Or if… um, for random example, you’re super pissed there’s a never ending storm going on in NYC right now, your clothing would show that emotion as well.




For Nerdy Organizational Nerds

SwissMiss and FictiveKin have come up with a clean, easy, and pretty “TeuxDeux” list that you access and update online! I know. I know. Calm down, everyone.

I’ve been using it for a few days, and I give it my organize-obsessed thumbs-up. There’s also an iphone app you can download to- so you can add and cross-off on the go.

Introducing: The Security Pin

“SECURITY!™ is an 18k gold-plated sterling silver pin with white diamonds on the front and back of the piece. An opulent interpretation of the shoplifter’s worst enemy.”

Designed by artist Justin Gignac. Fabricated by Max Steiner Design.

Pretty cool idea, yeah? Attaboy, JG.

Movie Quotes!

I love these posters almost as much as I love movie quotes.


Katie, have you seen Goonies yet?

(see all the posters by Jerod Gibson here.)

My obsession with stationary, now in iPhone format

Now that the blog doesn’t look somewhat hideous anymore, I made a promise to a fwend (cough, cough, Collin) that I would blupdate more.

I’m going to start with something for the ladies. And lady iphone users, at that. If you’re like me- and obsessed with paper. And stationary. And pens. And pretty things. This app may be for you. I’m pretty pumped for it’s release mid-month. I’ve never been so excited for an app release date before. Nerd.

{via Design*Sponge}

yeah thats not what I was looking for at all.

Don’t ask one of us to design a poster for your missing cat, because I have a feeling that the exchange and the result might go a little something like this:

I’d really just read the whole thing