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I don’t know how to post a GIF so just click here and bask in the hilarity.



Thanks, Ray Ray!

Incase you guys are in the mood to challenge your culinary skills this Thanksgiving, here’s a recipe for Pineapple Slices, courtesy of this girl:

I recommend you get a good night’s rest before taking on this project. Pineapple Slices can go way wrong if you don’t pay close attention to each step.

I’ve taken the liberty of posting the actual recipe, incase clicking on a link is something you struggle with:

“Quarter the pineapple lengthwise. Using a thin, sharp knife cut core away from each wedge by making a shallow slice the length of the pineapple. Follow the skinof the pineapple and cut the fruit away from it using your knife, keeping the green tops attached. Next, cut pineapple into 1/2-inch slices. Each quarter pineapple will now hold several wedges. Separate fruit by sliding wedges alternately to the left then to the right. Each completed pineapple serving will look like a boat filled with the fruit slices.”

If you manage to not fuck this up, your finished dish should look something like this:

I know I can’t handle something this advanced, so I’m not even going to try. But if anyone else does, and it works out, please tell us about it in the comments section of this post!

p.s. The comments about this recipe on the Food Network’s site are pretty funny.

Steve Martin, srsly making the internet his bitch.

Do you follow @SteveMartinToGo on Twitter? Do you now?

Because you should be. He’s been tweeting for a few weeks now, and he’s absolutely killing it. I really don’t know how to explain it, it’s just Steve Martin being Steve Martin.

Need an example? His last tweet:

@SteveMartinToGo: OMG ( abbreviation for Oh my God, which saves space), personal stuff has been posted…

Then he links to this on his website:


Okay, I just had to make sure no readers were missing out on this one.

Unmatched passion with a hint of bonkers.

Councilman Davison wants to run for Stark County treasurer, gdammit. As he states, the Stark County treasurer’s office is a mess. It is in dire need of structure and guidance. And now is the time to cease this opportunity. In an aggressive campaign, with an aggressive campaigner.

thank you, internet.

via Huffington Post


According to the internets, Al and Tipper are no more.

Should we be sad? Because I’m kinda not. I mean,


Here are a few choice shots from a new flickr set showcasing a growing language trend amongst under-educated Tea baggers, aptly named Teabonics. I’m seriously convinced that the Tea Party isn’t so much a political movement as it is a club for people who enjoy making cute signs. You decide.

Via K. England

A Tip…

Need a good idea?

Throw on an Express Men sweater, clasp your hands together, elbows on the table, look up to your right, and think real hard:

“I look exactly like this right now…”