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Best thing ever.


And you were there! And you were there! And you, Busey… you were there too!

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If you blog it we will read it: Fat Things Doing Stuff

So, I’ve been making a much more conscience effort to post since the talk of our re-design.  Three this week after taking quite a long sabbatical, (that’s kind of sad on my part).  In order to continue my strong effort I share with you a blog from a friend of a friend; Fat Things Doing Stuff.  Hopefully this will help get you through the last day of the week.  Some of my faves below.

Unmatched passion with a hint of bonkers.

Councilman Davison wants to run for Stark County treasurer, gdammit. As he states, the Stark County treasurer’s office is a mess. It is in dire need of structure and guidance. And now is the time to cease this opportunity. In an aggressive campaign, with an aggressive campaigner.

thank you, internet.

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It’s coming…

It never disappoints.

yeah thats not what I was looking for at all.

Don’t ask one of us to design a poster for your missing cat, because I have a feeling that the exchange and the result might go a little something like this:

I’d really just read the whole thing

South Street Seaport riot at Drake, Hanson and Ninjasonik show.

So yeah there was a riot last night at a show with three very different artists playing. I can’t say I’m surprised. Here’s what The Village Voice’s Zach Baron said:

The primary theater of battle? The northern side of the Seaport, where fans standing on the balcony in front of shops and restaurants began raining bottles down on the crowd below, who promptly returned fire. As things escalated, the bottles turned from plastic to glass. Then, at the peak of the fight, kids on the upper level began tossing steel chairs off the balcony. That was when people really started to run. It was also about at that moment that the police finally broke through the crowd and stormed the second level, where they too were momentarily pelted with bottles. We watched a few kids on the deck attempt to shove or otherwise assault the cops who were trying desperately to clear them out. In turn, more than one officer took out her baton, though the police had the situation in hand relatively quickly.

After that, it was mostly crowd dispersal, and stray fights. Helicopters buzzed overhead. Standing across from the Seaport, we watched as hundreds of kids suddenly went scrambling away from the stage area in terror. We asked one why he was running. “Mace,” he said.