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Hee Hee.


You Need to Eat a Sandwich.

I’m aware this is not a food blog but bear with me for a moment.

The sandwich shop next to the Ace Hotel is phenomenal. I know you’ve probably read this before because it’s all the rage on the blogs these days… but ladies and gents, I just ate it for the first time.


And No. 7 Sub is so good that I don’t care if it’s on the other blogs, we need to talk about it on this one too.

I ordered the Brussel Sprout Sandwich, I’ve been dying to try it ever since I read about it. But two bites into it I realized they mistakingly gave me the Eggplant Sandwich. I did not care. It was perfection. I will just have to go back and get that Brussel Sprout Sammy tomorrow.

Has anyone else tried this place? DAMN.

Food in Real Life

The next time your hungry for something fast and quick you might want to check out this site just so you know what you’re really getting.  Be sure to check out the Hall of Shame too.  Happy lunch folks.

One for every occasion

“A Comprehensive Glossary of Gifs”:

AAAHH – a reaction of elation to exciting news

Bitch, please – incredulous response to something that is outrageous, stupid, or false; can also be used in response to an unintimidating threat

Dead to me – hyperbolic expression of washing one’s hands of someone

Do not want (emphatic)

I need a drink – used as a reply to information that is too much to handle, stressful, or depressing

For many more, see Jezebel’s full list here.

If you blog it we will read it: Fat Things Doing Stuff

So, I’ve been making a much more conscience effort to post since the talk of our re-design.  Three this week after taking quite a long sabbatical, (that’s kind of sad on my part).  In order to continue my strong effort I share with you a blog from a friend of a friend; Fat Things Doing Stuff.  Hopefully this will help get you through the last day of the week.  Some of my faves below.

I just digested a huge gust of wind…


Here are a few choice shots from a new flickr set showcasing a growing language trend amongst under-educated Tea baggers, aptly named Teabonics. I’m seriously convinced that the Tea Party isn’t so much a political movement as it is a club for people who enjoy making cute signs. You decide.

Via K. England