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Well you can’t photoshop your ugly personality

Entertaining iChat bubbles


Sweet Meat!

Spring is coming and you can get ready for your Bikini bod by slapping your thighs… and smiling. Thanks Katie for sending this to me.

The Many Faces of Oprah

I haven’t watched Oprah in several years, but with this site I was quickly reminded that it’s her last season and every episode is an emotional roller coaster ride for the audience members, guest and of course, Oprah.  Enjoy some of their reactions Faces of the Last Season of Oprah.

#WINNING!!! (The Charlie Sheen Soundboard)

These are not free.

























Awkward Stock Photos. People pay for these?!?!

Incase the emergency arises…

via Josh Kanter.

Inappropriate laughs are the best laughs.

British comedy about terrorists that are really really bad at being terrorists. Possibly one of the darkest comedies I’ve ever seen, also one of the funniest. Go see it! Angelika!