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I’m lovin’ it! AH!!!!!!


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Unmatched passion with a hint of bonkers.

Councilman Davison wants to run for Stark County treasurer, gdammit. As he states, the Stark County treasurer’s office is a mess. It is in dire need of structure and guidance. And now is the time to cease this opportunity. In an aggressive campaign, with an aggressive campaigner.

thank you, internet.

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White-hot moves.

Complements of miss Daniella Urdinlaiz.

This makes me laugh.

I know she’s thinking, “OMG I’m totally taking a pic with a monkey!” but I also know he’s thinking “HOLY SHIT, I’m gettin’ a picture with that crazy myspace bitch!”

sleeping with the fish

I have this weird fear of man-made objects existing underwater (don’t ask) so this sort of freaks me out, but it’s also pretty fascinating. The MTA often dumps unused subway cars into the ocean to create artificial reefs for marine life. Seems a bit lazy to me, but it looks like it works!

HMP Northington’s music.

Henry has a noise project that he’s been doing. This video and song combo are perfectly strange. Sounds like Vangelis’ work on the Bladerunner soundtrack. Check it out.

Just fucking TRY to unsee this.