Monthly Archives: April 2009

slightly askew?

C-Petty Theft sent me this link today…. notice anything odd?


i want to ride my bicycle. i want to ride my bike.






So my co-worker recently introduced me to the awesomeness that is this site. For those fwends that know me well- you know my complete and UTTER lack of a sense of direction. Pare that with two wheels in you’ve got me biking to god-know-where if left to my own devices. It runs on google maps and basically is mapquest- it directs you to the safest and quickest bike routes from point A to B. Choose from safest, safe, or fastest route.

Not to turn this into design*sponge or anything…

but I noticed that Fishes Eddy has a bunch of their Memo pieces on sale.
The notepaper trays are so clever.


Networking + Meats = Fucking awesome

Words cannot describe….

Credit: Dourthee Awston

It puts the papusa in the mouth.

For all of you who were not within earshot of my rantings about this last summer, May 2nd is the official opening of the food stands at the Red Hook soccer fields. Each fwend will be forced to bike with me at least 3 times this summer to experience the magic of mexican grilled corn (with the cojita cheese and chipotle mayo), papusas, tacos, and the sweetest, most thirst-annihilating assortment of sugary fruit juices.–20090427


oh snap!

A fwend of a blogfwend’s fwend developed a site where all you amateur camera phone artists can exhibit your crappy wannabe work for free. I kid i kid! It’s actually really cool. Just take a snapshot on your phone, email it to (from your phone) and it shows up in a snazzy grid.


Google is in morse code today!