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New Saying: For When You Just Don’t Care

Here’s a little phrase Elizabeth and I have been throwin around. We invite you to join us. Just uttering the words makes us chuckle every time:

Q: How do you express to someone that you’ve hit that point… You know, when you just don’t care anymore?




More Cute Animal Videos: Eyebrow Edition

Only in Japan.

Meet Maggie McMuffin!

It’s monday and I just can’t get enough of Maggie! She’s just so precious… and maybe a bit clumsy. But frankly, who cares when you’re that effing cute. Cute… Super Cute!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Hear Something One More Time

One of my favorite things from 2009 (so far).

Picture 33

hear the original, sans beats, here.

I’m getting really sentimental over here.


Goddammit. Oasis is done. The tempestuous relationship between the Gallagher brothers caused Noel to finally quit. From Cnn:

“It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight,” Noel Gallagher said in a brief statement on the band’s Web site. “People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.”

Let’s raise a glass to Oasis.

I Smell a Hit Reality Show

No way. Monkeys going (ahem) apeshit over an 8×10 photo of a male who’s coming to town?

Not to spoil the article, but:

“One female gorilla shrieked in delight, while another wedged the poster in a tree to stare at it. A third, clearly overcome by emotion, held the photo close to her chest — then ate it.”

Picture 30

I can’t wait to see how this pans out. Who will he choose?! And will she give it up right away, or make him wait it out? I hope Ryan Seacrest hosts.

*via CNN

The. End.


Reading Rainbow is officially going off the air after 26 years. I have to admit that I had a massive crush in LeVar Burton, for Reading Rainbow and, *cough*star trek*cough*. Oof, excuse me. I even wrote him a love letter but was too shy and embarrassed to send it so I kept it in the bathroom drawer for about 5 years. Maybe it’ll turn up someday and LeVar will know my true feelings for him. Sigh.

Here’s the opening sequence to take us back:

And Flavorwire posted one of my favorite episodes: here. (Hang tight through the video for the Bee Rap.) Here’s to childhood!