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The little things… there’s nothing bigger?

Just a little mid-week pick me up.  Since it still doesn’t feel like spring 100% of the time, here are few awesome moments that you can look forward to.  For more check out Little Things.











Well you can’t photoshop your ugly personality

Entertaining iChat bubbles

Smile… or don’t

Check out this blog Things with Faces. Definitely puts a smile on my face… ok that was super cheesy but kind of true.

The internet never forgets

Remember that folks… Robin Sparkels knows.  Unfortunately, this blog I found doesn’t seem to update that much but what they do have is pure gold.  Here are a few faves.  Plus a really awesome video of Paul Rudd as a dj.


Taco flavored music for my ben…

Music and tacos, what could be better? See more here at Album Tacos.

The Many Faces of Oprah

I haven’t watched Oprah in several years, but with this site I was quickly reminded that it’s her last season and every episode is an emotional roller coaster ride for the audience members, guest and of course, Oprah.  Enjoy some of their reactions Faces of the Last Season of Oprah.

Tom Hanks is an animal.

He’s an amazing actor and now he’s a lot of animals.  Check it out T.Hanks.

P.S. Here’s what he thinks about it… such a great guy.